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Lars Larson Northwest Podcast

Mar 20, 2019

Aaron Mesh-Should a pediatrician tell parents to avoid vaccinations?
Aaron Withe-Are Oregon Democrats working for the unions?
Sen. Kim Thatcher-What are Oregon Democrats doing to rig the courts?
John Yoo-Do conservative politicians overlook Asian voters?
George P. Shultz-Is the Mueller report going to have the impact...

Mar 19, 2019

Solomon Yue-What’s the big event you have planned for republicans here in the NW 2 weeks from now?
Chris Hajec-Why is the Supreme Court's latest ruling a bonus for America?
Jeremy Carl-Is today's Supreme Court win a sign that we may see real immigration reform in America?
Robert Wilkie-What is the VA's plan of attack...

Mar 18, 2019

James Robbins-What is the real lesson from the recent terror attack in the Christchurch?
David Henderson-Would an increase in legal immigration help America?
Larry Diamond-What needs to happen to make the economic agreement with China?

Mar 15, 2019

Ivan Eland-Is North Korea going to push forward with more nuclear testing or is this a bluff?
Jeff Reynolds-Are billionaires working from the shadows to help the left?
Michael Loftus-Do conservatives find different things funny than liberals?
Kevin Michalowski-Should places of worship think about keeping concealed...

Mar 14, 2019

Alfredo Ortiz-What do the recent job numbers say about the American economy?
Kevin Chambers-Are you willing to give up much of your mortgage interest tax deduction?
Bernie Giusto-Why are so many police recruits washing out? 
Sen. Shelly Short-Should parents have to pay insurance bills for their kids without knowing...